Poly Puzzle

April 8, 2020
Developer: Inlogic Games
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Rotate the masses of seemingly-random polygons around (with the right analog stick, for some reason) until they form a coherent shape. 300 levels is nice, and I don't even really mind that I saw extremely similar-looking butterflies, flowers, bottles of booze and house pets over and over. A pretty fun distraction for an hour or two (the puzzles can each be completed in a couple seconds if you keep trying). At $5.00, it's alright, I guess. On sale, it becomes a solid title to pick up and play for a couple minutes at a time—which I recommend, because it's easy to blow through fast. Needs a restart/replay button though, and has a weird bug where the game acts like you're starting it for the first time every time you open it.

Final Rating